7th International Conference on Software Engineering & Applications

February 17~18, 2018, Melbourne, Australia

Accepted Papers

  • The Web-based Education Journey : A Constant Lifeline
    Vidhu Mitha, SRM University, Chennai, India
    E-learning has revolutionized our realm in more than just a listable number of ways. But it took a paradigm shift when it entered the threshold of the varsity system. With the prevailing era of conventional-old syllabi still governing, are the students really industry ready? We answer that by confirming that fact that web-based learning has indeed become the oxygen of freshers in the IT Industry as opposed to the traditional content and learning done through graduation. Furthermore, are university enforced e-learning and assessment systems a true representation of a student's proficiency? This paper is a peep into what web-based e-learning systems are to a student of today's world and how it is received through a student's eye, by giving an overview of university-level web-based learning in India deploying an example from SRM University's organizational framework. It assesses a key e-learning feature, the implementation of which bridges the gap between universities and the industry. It is proposed to provide constructive feedback to the e-learning community and shine some light on areas of scope for future developments.